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"Abused Women and Children’s POV: Me Too Survivor Stories Are Different"by Elizabeth Zelvin
Mystery Scene September 2019

"The Road to An Anthology" by Elizabeth Zelvin
In SinC, quarterly newsletter of Sisters in Crime
Part 1 September 2019, Part 2 December 2019, Part 3 March 2019

Blog Posts

"How An Anthology Editor Weeds Submissions" by Elizabeth Zelvin
Career Authors
March 25, 2019

"There Are Killers Inside Me" by Elizabeth Zelvin
Trace Evidence, blog of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
Date tba

"Where Do You Get Your Ideas?" by Elizabeth Zelvin
Lois Winston's Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers
September 18, 2019

"Asking the Right Question: Not Do we write about crimes against women? but How?" by Elizabeth Zelvin
Lev Raphael's Writing Across Genres
September 2019 date to be announced

The First Two Pages
Eve Fisher's "Pentecost"
  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Elizabeth Zelvin's "Never Again"
  Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Julia Buckley's "Subterfuge"
  Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Additional host blogs, dates and topics to be determined
Jungle Red Writers
Femmes Fatales
Short Mystery Fiction Society
Kevin's Corner

Additional guest posts, venues to be determined
"A Different Kind of Protagonist"
  Virtual panelists Rona Bell, Eve Fisher, V.S. Kemanis, Madeline McEwen; moderator Liz Zelvin
"Crimes Against Women Are Nothing New"
  Virtual panelists Rona Bell, Ana Brazil, Diana Catt, Gin Gannon, Madeline McEwen, Ann Rawson;
  moderator Liz Zelvin
"The Me Too Effects of Status and Gender"
  Virtual panelists Julia Buckley, C.C. Guthrie, Lynn Hesse, V.S. Kemanis; moderator Liz Zelvin
"The Girl Book Patriarchal Conspiracy" by Elizabeth Zelvin
"How to Make A Story: What to Put In, What to Take Out" by Elizabeth Zelvin
"Why Only Women Authors in the Me Too Short Stories Anthology?" by Elizabeth Zelvin
"How A Mystery Novelist Writes Short Crime Fiction" by Elizabeth Zelvin