Authors at the Mysterious Bookshop for reading and launch party

 Rona Bell, Elizabeth Zelvin, VS Kemanis, Julia Pomeroy, Lynn Hesse, 
Madeline McEwen, Diana Catt

Authors dine out in NYC the night before the launch party

Dinner at Turkuaz in fashionable Hell's Kitchen. The authors, left to right: VS Kemanis, Julia Pomeroy, Liz Zelvin, Madeline McEwen, Lynn Hesse, Rona Bell. The guys: Maddy's husband Mike, Lynn's husband Dean.

Our first reader review

"Of the fifteen short stories in this collection, amazingly there wasn't a single one which I felt was a dud. In fact the collection is refreshingly varied - perhaps unsurprising as the authors include a doctor, a lawyer, a crime writer, a police officer, a scientist, a therapist and a teacher. Most importantly, the stories, although all in some way involving sexual abuse by men against women, are really about survival, overcoming the abuse, fighting back. What shines through in each case is the courage of the women, the solidarity of family and friends, the emotional intelligence and ingenuity of the writers. Strongly recommended." - Cathy on Goodreads