ME TOO SHORT STORIES: An Anthology will be out in September

ME TOO SHORT STORIES, a unique anthology of short fiction that looks beyond crimes against women to retribution and healing, will be published by Level Best Books in trade paperback and e-book editions in September 2019

What do women want? A voice. To be heard. Respect. To be believed. Justice. To be both safe and free. The women and children in these stories use the means at hand to protect themselves and those they love: a childish jingle, a skillet full of cornbread, a candle, or their own quick wits. These women are neither femmes fatales nor throwaway victims, nor are they the tough-talking, gunslinging superheroines at the shallow end of crime fiction. These stories, written by women, are about women and girls as strong, as vulnerable, and as varied as their counterparts in real life. They are not lone wolves. They have daughters, sisters, friends. The Episcopal priest worries about her parishioners. The banshee worries about the Hippocratic Oath. The microbiologist worries about her obligation to the dead. In this anthology, you will hear their voices.

Here's the lineup:

Elizabeth Zelvin "Never Again"
Eve Fisher "Pentecost"
Rona Bell "The Call Is Yours"
Diana Catt "The Final Recall"
Julia Pomeroy "A Measured Death"
Ana Brazil "Miss Evelyn Nesbit Presents"
Madeline McEwen "Stepping on Snakes"
Dayle A. Dermatis "Women Who Love Dogs"
Lynn Hesse "Jewel's Hell"
Gin Gannon "Banshee Scream"
V.S. Kemanis "No Outlet"
Ann Rawson"A Dog's Life"
Julia Buckley "Subterfuge"
C.C. Guthrie "The Taste of Collards"
Carole Sojka "Chrissie"